12 Minute Affiliate Review – Best Make Money Online System

The internet is flooded with online money-making applications. Given that 80% of the programs are scams, and the handiest 20% of them are without a doubt profitable.

We have decided to study some other programs that we have for my part tried and tested for you. Read our overview underneath to find out what the 12 Minute Affiliate program is and how will you earn legitimate cash through it.

What’s the 12 Minute affiliate program?

The 12 Minute affiliate program is a product of Clickbank that works on autopilot mode. You can just let it work on its own and capture leads, offers, and sales. 12 Minute affiliate program claims that you can earn $460 per day by putting in only 12 minutes.

How does the 12 Minute affiliate program work?

The 12 Minute affiliate program is created for people who want to work with automated emails and sales funnels and don’t want to put in the effort to write their own sales emails.

Like Solo Ads, this affiliate marketing program benefits you by creating an email list and an email that is designed and tailored according to your customers and niche.

What you need to do is choose your main product, edit and design the landing page, and add your affiliate link. Every time anyone clicks on that click, you get the commission. Later, you can simply link up your landing page to the autoresponder.

This is to be done only if you require pre-written emails and don’t want to write your own. To make things easier for yourself, you can purchase a solo ad to further promote the product.

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Pros of the 12 Minute affiliate program

  • Free membership for basic plans

If you are only looking to work on one niche and are willing to do it all manually, then there is no membership fee for you, and you can create an account free of cost, and run it effectively.

  • Money-back Guarantee

Even though the program requires a membership fee, it also provides you a limit of 60 days in which you can experiment and try all you want. If you are unable to earn through this program or get any leads on any of your sales funnels, you can simply file for money back and they will return you the membership fee. This is the #1 benefit and is hands-down the only reason I purchased the program for myself for the first time.

  • 14-day trial

For a low fee of $9.95, you can get a trial period of 14 days where you can test the product’s efficiency and effectiveness. If you find that the program is providing real value and proving to be successful in helping to earn more money, then you can easily purchase the whole membership plan. Another benefit of this 14-day trial is that you’ll get your hands-on practice with the product before you dive into the real game.

  • Get it done automatically

What I love the most about this affiliate program is that you can get stuff done automatically for you, for an additional fee. The fee is not high, but on days when I am not feeling well enough to work, I don’t have to lose money at all. I can just pay some additional fees for the program to do all my work for me till I get back on my feet.

  • Get trained live

The affiliate has an amazing feature. It provides live webinars for training purposes. You don’t even have to get off that couch. All you need is a speedy internet connection and a laptop to get enrolled in the webinar. This webinar allows you to get an insight into the world of the 12-minute affiliate program.

  • Pre-designed emails for sales funnels

Let the experts handle your emails. It takes a creative brain to write and develop emails that will get you the clicks and those dollars in your bank account. Instead of spending hours curating a perfect email for the sales funnels, you can use any of the pre-made and pre-designed emails.

You can even ask the experts at the 12 Minute affiliate program to make a custom email for you, for a specific fee. The fee is worth it since it works as an investment in your business to provide a boost in your sales.

  • Three easy niches are available

Unlike other affiliate programs, a 12 Minute Affiliate knows where the money actually is. You don’t have to waste time working on extra niches. The niches that work on this program are

  1. Personal development

  2. Weight loss

  3. Work from home

This benefits the users into expanding and failing in the niches that have more competition and less profit. The 12 Minute affiliate program has made it easier by introducing micro-niches that are all the rage right now.

  • A well-known and registered organization with real reviews

Another thing that inclined me to go for this program was the fact that this organization had all real reviews and even the owner, Devon is a well-known digital marketer who is in this game for a very long time now. Many affiliate programs are hesitant in providing information about their owners. But why hide if it’s real?

Cons of the 12-minute affiliate program

  • An exaggerated claim of 12 minutes

  • The claim of earning $460 in only 12 minutes is an exaggeration. Even though the 12-minute affiliate is 100% authentic, it takes more than 12 minutes a day to get through that $460 threshold. Sometimes, it takes 5-6 hours as well and you will need to put in a lot more effort than only 12 minutes.


If you are looking to make this a part-time income, then I’d totally recommend it. You’ll need to invest in some amount as a membership fee, but the rewards you’ll earn will be so much greater than the initial fee.
Not only that, but you are also even getting the offer to get your money returned if the program doesn’t work for you. I’d say the program is worth a try.

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